I woke up one day inspired to start a new lifestyle. Maybe it was the impending new year or the white blanket outside my window…either way I felt the excited buzz of a “new page” in the book of my life.

However, I found it so extremely challenging to find a blog to help me with my new page. I wanted to see something for someone like me–someone starting a new journey into adulthood with adventure, healthy lifestyle, meditation, an intense love for art and creation, and a willingness to be open and honest about opinions and new journeys.

So I started my own.

My name is Kailey and I’m 17 years old. I’m an actress with a love for music, dance, photography, and stories that take me places I’ve never been.

My mentality is completely live life to the fullest (and other cliche things). My NYRs are to meditate at least 4 times a week, do yoga every week, eat healthy, work out, say “yes” more to help me experience all that life offers, go to the movies twice a month because I love it and it makes me happier than anything else, take more pictures, fold more paper cranes, and dance more in public. 🙂

I am here to give you the blog that I was looking for. Follow me on this road to an intensely awesome lifestyle!



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