My Week

I’m covering a whole week because we’re on winter break and there’s too much going on not to!


Today I taught my last kindergarten ballet class for the year! They were so excited that we were going to watch The Nutcracker and play games! My friend came over to watch The Internship–a hilarious movieand build a gingerbread house.-

Photo on 12-14-13 at 12.26 AM

Photo on 12-14-13 at 12.26 AM #2


Photo on 12-14-13 at 12.27 AM

After that, I finished a new art piece for my aunt with crayon art for her christmas party.


Today my friends and I opened for John Eddy in New Hope with a few acoustic cover songs. It was so much fun and one of those times where you remember why you love performing so much!


Today is the day before Christmas Eve! The eve of the eve!! Which means last minute shopping and wrapping. I found my mom a cute necklace for her birthday at a local boutique that wasn’t exactly cheap, but it’s her birthday! After I grabbed a bite with my friend to discuss the crazy holiday happenings of our lives. And then just wrap wrap wrap.


Today’s my mom’s birthday so my brother and I made her breakfast in bed. Later Mom and I caroled with a few of our friends at The Villa and nursing homes in our area. This truly sent our spirits high! It is one of my all time favorite christmas memories and automatically a new tradition! Later the festivities began with cake and presents.

Every Christmas Eve I sing with my high school choir at midnight mass. I soloed O Holy Night for the last time ever this year! After wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and thanking them for coming we headed straight to bed so Santa could come!


Merry Christmas! I woke around 7 and decided to sleep for another hour because no one else would be up yet! We opened and gave presents. Then ate some breakfast before packing up the car to go to the Grandparents in the country. Laney (my dog) was being really cute in the car!!

Photo on 12-25-13 at 1.52 PM


All I wanted from my Grandfather for Christmas was to go to the shooting range and practice up on my target shooting…I’ve gotten a little rusty. After playing with my little cousins and saying goodbye to the fam, we hopped back in the car to come home. We then went to Red Stone, one of my favorite restaurants, for an amazing dinner.






Not much to post for today. My friend, Jess, and I got lunch before we met up with our friends at the loft (our childhood hangout) and listened to our friends band play a little. It was a chill night.


I woke up really late today without an alarm! Anyway I spent most of the day doing homework and we had family night where we went out to dinner and came home to play an intense game of pictionary.


Today I had to cantor at mass with a horse throat 😦 We went to our favorite diner where I got chocolate milk and pancakes…it’s vacation! Then I finished my prescreens for college auditions and my friend Maya came over to help me sort out my closet and give away all the junk. Then we had meatloaf… and macaroni for the vegetarian while debating which new Christmas game we should play!


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